Bricker Graydon’s K-12 Title IX Toolkit

Bricker Graydon’s K-12 Title IX Toolkit is designed to assist school districts with their efforts to comply with the final Title IX Regulations published by the U.S. Department of Education on May 19, 2020, and effective on August 14, 2020. Such regulations require significant changes to the Title IX Grievance Policy and procedures for K-12 educational institutions receiving federal funding.

Our K-12 Title IX Toolkit is a user-friendly online program that permits quick access to model templates and forms. The forms may be utilized by a K-12 educational institution by either directly accessing the template or form by name, or by walking through a decision flowchart of the typical grievance process and procedure, accompanied by links to the appropriate forms and templates.

Our K-12 Title IX Toolkit includes the following:

  • A list of forms, required notices and model reports 
  • Templates to use in documenting compliance with an institution’s policy and procedure
  • Flowcharts of the process to assist in guiding the Title IX team through the process  
  • The option of consultation time with an attorney with expertise in Title IX compliance on how to utilize and/or customize the forms, templates and required notices
  • Regular updates of the forms, templates and required notices

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“Bricker Graydon’s Title IX toolkit is a one-stop shop that provides schools a user-friendly flowchart to follow during an investigation and easy to edit forms for each step of the process. Simply put, the Bricker Graydon toolkit takes a great deal of stress and anxiety out of the process by making sure all members of the Title IX team have the tools to get the job done.”

– Michael C. Hearn, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Programs
Fairless Local Schools, Navarre, Ohio

“The Bricker Graydon Title IX training made me feel like I could confidently address Title IX issues I might face and the toolkit let me breathe easier knowing that I had a place to go if I forgot the details. If you’re involved in the Title IX processes in your district and want to sleep at night, Bricker Graydon’s K-12 TITLE IX Toolkit is for you. The flowchart maps out your Title IX journey from start to finish, and the templates remove the guesswork about what information to collect and how to do it effectively. With the resources only one click away, you’ll find yourself saying, “No worries! You’ve got everything you need to do it right!”

– Virginia Potter, Assistant Superintendent
Greene County Career Center, Xenia, Ohio

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